Wulmek Solera self-leveling mortar

Discover the revolution in floors with Wulmek Solera! Imagine a floor that self-levels, like a river finding its way, creating perfect, smooth surfaces with astonishing ease. No more complications or eternal drying times, just floors ready to withstand everyday traffic and the demands of your projects.

This self-leveling mortar is not only environmentally friendly, it is also the best ally for energy efficiency. Think of a thermal and acoustic shield that keeps your spaces comfortable and quiet, effortlessly. With the self-leveling Solera, every step feels firm and safe, like walking on reliability itself.

For builders and developers looking for speed without sacrificing quality, these floors are the perfect solution. They simplify application, reduce costs and maximize productivity, leaving more time for what really matters: finishing your projects on time and with excellence.

Don’t wait any longer to transform your spaces. Choose Solera self-leveling floors and take your constructions to the next level today!

Prefabricado ➤➤ WULMEK BLOCK P.M. El polvo de mármol y la mezcla del yeso mejorado wulmek, le da un alto valor de dureza y resistencia.


Meet Wulmek Solera, the new generation of self-leveling floors that transform any surface into a masterpiece. This self-leveling mortar, 100% ecological, is formulated with high-performance gypsum, dehydrated using biomass, perfect for manual or sprayable application. Its low thermal conductivity and high breathability ensure a fresh and healthy floor. Wulmek Solera offers a compression resistance of 405 Kg/cm² and a flexural resistance of 105 Kg/cm², with a surface hardness that reaches 95 Shore C units. Thanks to Energypsum technology, this floor emits biophotons that retune cells and reduce VOC emissions, guaranteeing a cleaner and safer environment. Applying Wulmek Solera is simple: just mix with a water/plaster ratio of 6.5 liters per bag and pour directly onto the ground for a minimum thickness of 2 cm. With a range of customizable textures and colors, you can tailor each project to your clients’ specific needs. Discover the difference with Wulmek Solera and elevate your projects to another level!

Wulmek Solera: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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1. What is it?

Wulmek Solera is a 100% ecological self-leveling mortar, formulated with high-performance gypsum and designed for application on floors and stairs. This product can be applied manually or sprayed, offering smooth and durable finishes.

2. How is it applied?

The application is simple: knead the product with a water/gypsum ratio of 6.5 liters per bag, mixing in baskets or with a spraying machine. Then, pour directly to the ground for a minimum thickness of 2 cm. Use a spatula to level and correct irregularities.

3. What benefits does Energypsum technology offer?

Energypsum is a technology that emits biophotons, retuning cells and significantly reducing VOC emissions. This ensures a cleaner and healthier environment for users.

4. What are the technical characteristics?

  • Compression Strength: 405 Kg/cm²
  • Flexural Strength: 105 Kg/cm²
  • Surface Hardness: 95 Shore C units
  • Thermal Conductivity: Low
  • Breathability: High

5. What kind of projects can I use it in?

Wulmek Solera is ideal for a variety of projects, including new homes, restorations of old buildings, wineries, hotels and country houses. Its wide range of customizable textures and colors make it perfect for any type of work.

6. Is it ecological?

Yes, Wulmek Solera is 100% ecological. It is formulated with natural materials and dehydrated using biomass, contributing to a more sustainable construction.

7. How long does it take to dry?

The setting time of Wulmek Solera is approximately 180 minutes. Once set, you can step on it and work on it for around 4 hours, always with appropriate precautions.

8. Where can I buy Wulmek Solera?

You can purchase Wulmek Solera by contacting Wulmek by calling 653 207 445, sending an email to info@wulmek.com , or visiting our headquarters at C/ Manufactura 2, L5 ext. PISA, 41927 Mairena del Aljarafe (Seville), Spain.

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