Wulmek® BLOCK prefabricated

Wulmek® BLOCK prefabricated units represent innovation and sustainability in construction, offering efficient and ecological solutions ideal for interior partitioning and perimeter elements in new constructions and renovations. Made with 100% recycled materials, they stand out for their high resistance, energy efficiency, easy installation without the need for profiles or screws, and for improving the health and comfort of the rooms thanks to their humidity regulation and high breathability.

Prefabricados Wulmek® BLOCK  ➤➤  Materiales de nueva generación, diseñados para mejorar la eficiencia energética, térmica y acústica.

Wulmek® BLOCK prefabricated

Our Wulmek® BLOCK Prefabricated materials , 100% ecological , are amalgamated with a low proportion of water, with considerable savings, in addition to inferring mechanical hardness to the final product, complying with the construction standards derived from the technical building code (CTE). ). We propose energy efficient solutions , without the need for other materials, such as rock wool, polyurethanes, etc.

This represents considerable savings in the construction and rehabilitation of their projects, with an increase in the revaluation of the building, and with obvious advantages for the final client.

Prefabricados Wulmek® BLOCK  ➤➤   Ambientes agradables, estancias saludables.

Wulmek , pleasant environments, healthy stays .

Sustainability and Efficiency

The concept of recycling and caring for the environment aims to change our consumption habits, making us responsible and sustainable. To achieve this, one of our activities focuses on the reduction and transformation of waste, in order to have a more sustainable construction.
Our prefabricated, 100% sustainable , have mechanical properties that exceed market standards, in resistance, durability, thermal, acoustic and fireproof properties, without the need for screws or profiles.


Wulmek® efficiency and sustainability in construction

We are committed to quality circular construction, to achieve greater efficiency and sustainability.