High Performance Sprayed Mortar: WULMEK PROJECT B7

High-Performance Sprayed Mortar: WULMEK PROYECT B7 is a high-density, high-performance sprayed mortar , formulated mainly based on calcium sulfate with a particle size of less than 1 mm, expanded perlite and other natural additives. Specially designed for mechanical applications, it is used in the plastering of vertical or horizontal surfaces where specific characteristics such as mechanical resistance, surface hardness, as well as thermal and acoustic properties are required.

The finish of the mortar is crystalline type, which gives it greater resistance to abrasion, making this material ideal for use in places with high public attendance such as schools, hospitals, hotels and shopping centers. The application of the mortar is carried out using spraying machines, allowing a dense mass to be obtained that offers excellent workability.

Mortero de altas prestaciones: WULMEK BASE B7

Benefits of high-performance mortar : WULMEK PROJECT B7

Beneficios del mortero de altas prestaciones wulmek base

High Performance Sprayed Mortar: WULMEK PROYECT B7 offers several notable benefits that make it suitable for construction applications that require high quality and performance materials. These benefits include:

Fire resistance:

The mortar has a reaction to fire classification of A1, which indicates that it does not contribute to fire at all, offering one of the highest fire safety levels.

Good acoustic properties:

Ofrece un aislamiento significativo contra el ruido, mejorando el confort acústico en los ambientes donde se aplica.

Good thermal properties (Energy Efficiency):

The thermal conductivity of the mortar is low, which helps to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, maintaining a more stable indoor environment in terms of temperature.

High mechanical resistance:

It has a high resistance to compression and bending, which guarantees the durability of the coating and the structural integrity.

Good breathability:

This mortar is easy to prepare and apply, offering excellent workability that allows for efficient and fast application, reducing work times and labor costs.

Thermal comfort:

It contributes to the thermal insulation of spaces, which translates into greater comfort for occupants and a reduction in energy demand for air conditioning.

Abrasion resistant:

Its crystalline finish, in addition to providing a shiny aesthetic appearance, also improves abrasion resistance, ideal for places with a lot of activity.

Easy planimetry:

The finish of the mortar facilitates application and allows you to obtain smooth and level surfaces, crucial for high-quality finishes.

High Performance Sprayed Mortar: WULMEK PROJECT B7 Application instructions

Yeso Mejorado WULMEK BASE B7 ➤➤ Indicado para acabados de extrema dureza superficial, en guarnecidos, revestimientos de interior y exterior.


The instructions for use and application of High Performance Sprayed Mortar: WULMEK PROJECT B7 are specifically detailed to ensure its correct use and make the most of its properties.
These instructions ensure that Wulmek Project B7 Mortar is applied effectively, taking advantage of its high performance properties to obtain the best results in construction and surface finishes.
Additional Considerations:
1. Supports : Make sure the supports are free of dust and oil stains. For absorbent supports, it is advisable to moisten with water to avoid rapid dehydration and, in cases of high absorption, apply a light primer to the support.
2. Work times : The times for projecting, cutting and grading, and review are specifically distributed to optimize the process and ensure the quality of the finish.


1. Mixing: The mixing ratio of water with gypsum is 0.65 liters per kilogram of gypsum.
2. Spraying machine: Use a spraying machine to apply the mortar. Adjust the water flow until you achieve a uniform and dense dough.


1. First coat: Apply the first coat on a clean surface free of oil or grease stains. It is crucial that the surface is free of impurities to ensure adhesion and quality of the finish.
2. Surface regulation: Once applied, adjust the surface to ensure planimetry. This involves smoothing and leveling the surface with suitable tools.
3. Correction of irregularities: After ruling, cut the surface to correct any irregularities, ensuring a uniform and smooth finish.


1. Floating for polishing: For a polished finish, float with a trowel or by plane by wetting the surface with water once it has hardened.
2. Application of the ‘FINE’ finishing fine: To close all the pores and leave a fine and hard surface, apply the ‘FINE’ finishing fine.

Presentation of High Performance Sprayed Mortar: WULMEK PROJECT B7

Yeso Mejorado WULMEK BASE B7 ➤➤ Indicado para acabados de extrema dureza superficial, en guarnecidos, revestimientos de interior y exterior.

In 20 kg bags. ± 5%

Bags per pallet 54 units.

Weight per pallet 1,080 Kg.


En conclusión, el Mortero proyectado de Altas Prestaciones Wulmek Base B7 es la elección ideal para arquitectos, constructores y profesionales que buscan un mortero proyectado de alta calidad que ofrezca un rendimiento excepcional y un acabado estético impecable.

Si estás buscando un Mortero Proyectado de Última Generación para tu próximo proyecto, no dudes en elegir Wulmek PROJECT B7.

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Frequent questions

What type of surfaces can I coat with Wulmek PROJECT B7?

High Performance Sprayed Mortar: WULMEK PROJECT B7 is suitable for plastering interior and exterior surfaces, both vertical and horizontal. It can be applied to concrete, brick, plaster, plaster and other common building materials.

What advantages does Wulmek PROJECT B7 offer compared to other sprayed mortars?

High Performance Sprayed Mortar: WULMEK PROJECT B7 , is distinguished by its high surface hardness, resistance to abrasion, crystalline finish, high mechanical resistance, good thermal and acoustic properties, easy application and sustainability.

How is Wulmek PROJECT B7 applied?

It is applied using a projection machine. A team of qualified professionals will take care of the installation, guaranteeing a uniform and long-lasting finish.

What maintenance does Wulmek PROJECT B7 require?

Wulmek PROJECT B7 is a highly durable and low maintenance material. To maintain its original appearance, periodic cleaning with mild soap and water is recommended.

Is Wulmek PROJECT B7 a sustainable material?

Yes, it is made with ecological and environmentally friendly materials. Product manufacturing follows strict sustainability standards to minimize its environmental impact.

Wulmek® efficiency and sustainability in construction

We are committed to quality circular construction, to achieve greater efficiency and sustainability.