High performance mortar: WULMEK BASE

Wulmek Base High Performance Mortar stands out in the construction market for its robustness and durability. Designed to withstand extreme conditions, it offers excellent resistance to compression and bending, ensuring solid and durable structures . In addition, this product significantly improves the thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings, contributing to a more comfortable and energy efficient indoor environment. The fire retardant capacity of Wulmek Base also increases fire safety , making it a safe option for any project.

Wulmek Base not only stands out for its technical performance, but also for its commitment to sustainability. Made with natural materials and processes that minimize environmental impact, this mortar is completely eco-friendly and suitable for sustainable construction practices. Its easy application allows for quick and efficient execution, reducing both construction time and labor costs. Versatile in application, from masonry to cladding, and with moisture-regulating properties that improve air quality, Wulmek Base is the preferred choice for those seeking efficiency and environmental responsibility in their construction materials.

Mortero Altas Prestaciones: WULMEK BASE

Benefits of high-performance mortar : WULMEK BASE

Beneficios del mortero de altas prestaciones wulmek base

Wulmek Base High Performance Mortar offers a number of significant benefits that make it an ideal choice for a wide range of construction applications. Here are the main benefits of this product

High Mechanical Resistance:

Wulmek Base is designed to offer exceptional compressive and flexural strength, making it suitable for structures requiring high durability and load capacity.

Energy efficiency:

This mortar improves the thermal and acoustic insulation of the structures where it is applied, contributing to a more comfortable interior environment and reducing energy consumption.

Fire resistance:

Wulmek Base has fire retardant properties, which makes it ideal for use in applications where fire resistance is required, increasing the safety of buildings.


Made with natural materials and processes that respect the environment, Wulmek Base is an ecological option that contributes to sustainable construction.

Easy to use:

This mortar is easy to prepare and apply, offering excellent workability that allows for efficient and fast application, reducing work times and labor costs.


Wulmek Base can be used in a variety of applications, from general masonry work to wall and ceiling coverings, making it a highly versatile product for different construction needs.

Instructions for use for high-performance mortar: WULMEK BASE

Beneficios del mortero de altas prestaciones wulmek base


Wulmek Base High Performance Mortar, thanks to its advanced formulation, provides an effective solution for various construction applications. Below, I detail the recommended methods of use to ensure maximum effectiveness and performance of this product. Compliance with these instructions for use not only guarantees optimal performance of the Wulmek Base High Performance Mortar, but also contributes to safety and efficiency in the workplace.

Surface Preparation:

Make sure all surfaces are clean, dry and free of dust, oil, grease or any other substance that could prevent adhesion. For very absorbent or dusty surfaces, it is advisable to apply a primer or lightly moisten the surface before applying the mortar to avoid excessive water absorption.


Mix Wulmek Base with the appropriate amount of water according to the product specifications until a homogeneous mass is obtained. The correct water ratio ensures that the mortar has the desired consistency and works efficiently. Use a mechanical mixer to ensure uniform mixing and avoid lumps.


Apply the mortar evenly with a trowel or by mechanical spraying, depending on the extent and nature of the work. In coating applications, spread the mortar over the surface working in manageable sections to maintain control of thickness and levelness. For masonry work, use mortar as a binder to place blocks, bricks or stones, ensuring that each element is well level and in line.


Protect the fresh mortar from extreme conditions such as strong wind, direct sun or rain during the first hours of curing. Keep the surface moist if conditions are very dry or hot to allow for proper curing, which is crucial to achieving optimal strength and durability.


Clean all tools and equipment with water immediately after application to prevent the mortar from hardening on them, which could make them difficult to use later.

Safety and Handling:

Use appropriate personal protective equipment during mixing and application to avoid skin or eye irritation and to prevent inhalation of dust.

Presentation of the high-performance mortar: WULMEK BASE

Yeso Mejorado WULMEK BASE B7 ➤➤ Indicado para acabados de extrema dureza superficial, en guarnecidos, revestimientos de interior y exterior.

In 18 kg bags. ± 5%

Bags per pallet 64 units.

Weight per pallet 1,152 Kg.

Frequently asked questions for high-performance mortar: WULMEK BASE

Beneficios del mortero de altas prestaciones wulmek base


En conclusión, el Mortero de Altas Prestaciones Base es la elección perfecta para cualquier proyecto de construcción que requiera resistencia, durabilidad y calidad superior. Con su formulación avanzada y sus numerosos beneficios, este mortero se destaca como una opción líder en el mercado.

What advantages does the Wulmek Base High Performance Mortar offer?

Wulmek Base offers a combination of high mechanical resistance, excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, and fire resistance. It is environmentally friendly, easy to apply, and provides durability and low maintenance, making it ideal for a wide range of construction applications.

Can Wulmek Base be used outdoors?

Yes, Wulmek Base is suitable for exterior applications provided that adequate protection is applied to the mortar to make it weather resistant and ensure its durability.

What type of surface preparation is required before applying Wulmek Base?

The surface must be clean, dry and free of substances that could prevent good adhesion such as dust, oil or grease. For absorbent surfaces, it is recommended to moisten or apply a primer to optimize adhesion.

What is the correct proportion of water to mix with Wulmek Base?

The exact proportion of water will depend on the specific product instructions, but generally should be adjusted to obtain a homogeneous, workable mixture. It is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure optimal consistency and properties of the mortar.

How is Wulmek Base Mortar properly cured?

Mortar must be kept moist, especially in hot, dry conditions, to allow proper curing. This may involve covering the mortar with a tarp or spraying water periodically for the first 24 to 48 hours after application.

Is Wulmek Base suitable for all types of blocks and bricks in construction?

Yes, Wulmek Base is very versatile and can be used to bond and clad a variety of building materials, including different types of blocks, bricks and stones, providing a strong and durable bond.

Wulmek® efficiency and sustainability in construction

We are committed to quality circular construction, to achieve greater efficiency and sustainability.