High Performance Mortars: Wulmek®

Our High Performance mortars are sustainable and 100% biodegradable products, designed to offer superior resistance in both flexion and compression, ideal for a variety of structural applications. These mortars stand out for their excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties , contributing to the energy efficiency of buildings. They are fire retardant , ensuring compliance with fire safety standards, and are formulated for easy and quick application, which reduces construction times. Its versatility allows its use in multiple projects, from masonry to rehabilitation, and its humidity regulation features improve comfort and health in indoor environments, supporting sustainable construction practices and environmental responsibility.

Morteros de Altas Prestaciones: Wulmek®

The future of construction is now. Join the innovation!

It encapsulates the progress that Wulmek High Performance Mortars represent in the construction sector . These mortars not only offer superior technical properties, but are also examples of how innovation can result in more efficient and sustainable products. Wulmek mortars stand out for their high resistance to compression and flexion, ensuring more robust and durable structures. Furthermore, its excellent thermal and acoustic insulation significantly improves the comfort and energy efficiency of buildings. The fire resistance of these mortars adds an additional level of safety, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of construction applications.

These mortars are also 100% biodegradable, reflecting a commitment to sustainability by reducing environmental impact. This combination of high performance, safety and ecological responsibility makes Wulmek High Performance Mortars not only an option for today, but an investment in the future of construction.

Morteros de Altas Prestaciones: Wulmek®
Morteros de Altas Prestaciones: Wulmek®Soporta temperaturas de más de 1000 °C, llegando a conseguir hasta un EI-240 (según espesor)

High Performance Mortars: Wulmek® They withstand temperatures of more than 1000 °C , reaching up to EI-240 (depending on thickness)

Performance and resistance, in every mix

These mortars are formulated to exceed expectations in the most challenging construction environments, providing exceptional strength in both flexure and compression, ensuring structural integrity and project longevity. Their advanced composition allows them to be applied in a variety of contexts, from residential constructions to large infrastructures.

In addition to their mechanical resistance, these mortars stand out for their thermal and acoustic insulation properties, contributing significantly to energy efficiency and comfort inside buildings. The ability of these mortars to withstand high temperatures and offer protection against fire adds invaluable value in terms of safety and compliance with strict building regulations.

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High Performance Mortar: Wulmek Base

High Performance Mortar: Wulmek Base B7

High Performance Mortar: Wulmek Project B7

High Performance Mortar: Wulmek Fine

Wulmek Solera self-leveling mortar

Wulmek® efficiency and sustainability in construction

We are committed to quality circular construction, to achieve greater efficiency and sustainability.