High performance mortar : WULMEK BASE B7

Wulmek Base B7 high-performance mortar is a highly versatile and efficient construction material, ideal for use in public buildings such as schools, hospitals, hotels and shopping centers, thanks to its properties of resistance to fire, abrasion, and its ability to acoustic and thermal insulation. In addition, it is perfectly suitable for plastering both vertical and horizontal surfaces, providing a smooth and resistant finish that withstands high loads and constant traffic, making it valuable for renovations and energy efficiency improvements of existing buildings.
Its crystal-like finish and its resistance to abrasion facilitate cleaning and maintenance, essential characteristics for environments that require high hygiene standards. It is also a preferred option in sustainable construction due to its contribution to energy efficiency and good breathability, helping to reduce energy costs and improve indoor air quality, aligning with green and sustainable building practices.

Mortero de altas prestaciones: WULMEK BASE B7

Benefits of high-performance mortar : WULMEK BASE 7

Beneficios del mortero de altas prestaciones wulmek base

These benefits highlight Wulmek Base B7 as a high-performance mortar suitable for a wide range of construction applications, focusing on durability, safety and energy efficiency.

Fire resistance:

The mortar has a reaction to fire classification of A1, which indicates that it does not contribute to fire at all, offering one of the highest fire safety levels.

Good acoustic properties:

It offers significant insulation against noise, improving acoustic comfort in the environments where it is applied.

Good thermal properties (Energy Efficiency):

The thermal conductivity of the mortar is low, which helps to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, maintaining a more stable indoor environment in terms of temperature.

High mechanical resistance:

It has a high resistance to compression and bending, which guarantees the durability of the coating and the structural integrity.

Good breathability:

This mortar is easy to prepare and apply, offering excellent workability that allows for efficient and fast application, reducing work times and labor costs.

Thermal comfort:

It contributes to the thermal insulation of spaces, which translates into greater comfort for occupants and a reduction in energy demand for air conditioning.

Abrasion resistant:

Its crystalline finish, in addition to providing a shiny aesthetic appearance, also improves abrasion resistance, ideal for places with a lot of activity.

Easy planimetry:

The finish of the mortar facilitates application and allows you to obtain smooth and level surfaces, crucial for high-quality finishes.

Instructions for use for high-performance mortar : WULMEK BASE 7

Yeso Mejorado WULMEK BASE B7 ➤➤ Indicado para acabados de extrema dureza superficial, en guarnecidos, revestimientos de interior y exterior.


El modo de empleo del mortero Wulmek Base B7 está diseñado para asegurar una aplicación efectiva y un rendimiento óptimo del producto.
Estos pasos deben seguirse cuidadosamente para garantizar la integridad y la durabilidad del acabado, aprovechando al máximo las propiedades del mortero Wulmek Base B7.

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1. Mixing : Sprinkle the mortar over the water maintaining a water/product ratio of approximately 0.50 (around 9 liters per 20 kg bag). Let the product moisturize before mixing.
2. Beating : Once moistened, beat the mixture using a mechanical procedure until the paste is homogenized. It is important not to add additional products or additives, as they can alter the characteristics and results of the mortar.


1. Preparation of the Support: Make sure the surface is free of dust and oil stains. In absorbent supports, it is advisable to moisten them with water to avoid rapid dehydration of the mortar. If the support is very absorbent, a light primer can be applied.
2. Laying the Mortar: Apply the Wulmek Base B7 mortar on the support using a trowel, spreading the necessary amount until the desired thickness is reached.
3. Hardening and Closing: Once the mortar reaches its hardness point, reworking begins to smooth and close the surface using the chosen finishing method. You can also use the same Base B7 for the finishing review with greater surface hardness.

Post-Application Care:

Avoid applying the product in extreme temperature conditions (below 3°C or above 40°C) to ensure proper curing and adhesion.

Presentation of the high-performance mortar : WULMEK BASE 7

Yeso Mejorado WULMEK BASE B7 ➤➤ Indicado para acabados de extrema dureza superficial, en guarnecidos, revestimientos de interior y exterior.

In 20 kg bags. ± 5%

Bags per pallet 54 units.

Weight per pallet 1,080 Kg.


In conclusion, Wulmek Base B7 High Performance Mortar is the perfect choice for any construction project that requires resistance, durability and superior quality. With its numerous benefits and advanced technical features, this mortar stands out as a leading option in the market.

Frequent questions

What are the main characteristics of the Wulmek Base B7 Mortar?

Wulmek Base B7 Mortar offers high surface hardness, fire resistance, good acoustic and thermal properties, high mechanical resistance, good breathability, thermal comfort and resistance to abrasion.

How should I prepare the support before applying the mortar?

It is important to ensure that the stand is clean and free of dust and oil stains. On absorbent surfaces, it is recommended to moisten with water to avoid rapid dehydration.

Can I apply the Base High Performance Mortar outdoors?

Yes, the mortar is suitable for outdoor applications. It is recommended to use a reinforcing mesh and apply a thickness of 30mm to ensure optimal performance.

How much work time do I have once the mortar mixture is prepared?

Work time varies, but generally, you have between 50 and 60 minutes to complete the application before the mortar begins to harden.

What is the presentation of the Wulmek Base B7 Mortar?

The product is presented in 20 kg bags, with a weight per pallet of 1,080 kg and 54 units per pallet, facilitating its transportation and storage on site.

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