High Performance Mortar: WULMEK FINE

High Performance Mortar: WULMEK FINE is a high-density paste, formulated mainly with calcium sulfate and other natural additives. Designed to be applied manually, this paste stands out for its low water/product ratio, which results in a dense and fine mass with high performance and excellent workability. It is specifically recommended for final plastering over improved Wulmek Base mortars, ensuring a smooth and resistant finish.

As an ideal complement to Wulmek Base mortars, Wulmek Fine not only improves the final aesthetics of surfaces, but also amplifies the durability and resistance properties of the mortar system. Its formulation allows both products to work together to provide a high-quality finish that is resistant to mechanical and environmental demands, also offering benefits such as high surface hardness and high fire resistance.

Mortero de altas prestaciones: WULMEK BASE B7

Benefits of high-performance mortar : WULMEK FINE

Beneficios del mortero de altas prestaciones wulmek base

Wulmek Fine Mortar offers several notable benefits that make it suitable for construction applications requiring high-quality, high-performance materials. These benefits include:

High surface hardness:

This means that the coating will have greater resistance to wear and impacts, which is ideal for surfaces that require durability.

High coverage:

The product offers excellent hiding power, meaning it can effectively cover underlying surfaces with less product.

High mechanical resistance

It indicates that the material has a high resistance to bending and compression, making the treated surfaces more robust and capable of supporting greater loads or efforts.

Good Breathability:

The material allows the walls to “breathe”, which helps regulate internal humidity and prevents mold build-up, contributing to a healthier environment.

Efficient Thermal Properties

Although the data sheet specifically mentions thermal conductivity, Wulmek Fine’s formulation aims to improve energy efficiency, potentially reducing heating and cooling costs by maintaining a more stable interior temperature.

Fire resistance:

The product is classified as A1 in terms of reaction to fire according to EN 13279-1:2014, which means that it does not contribute to fire, offering an additional level of safety in the event of a fire.

Presentation of High Performance Mortar: WULMEK FINE

Foto palet Motero Wumek Fine

In 17 kg bags. ± 5%

Bags per pallet 64 units.

Weight per pallet 1,090 Kg.


In conclusion, Wulmek Base B7 High Performance Sprayed Mortar is the ideal choice for architects, builders and professionals looking for a high quality sprayed mortar that offers exceptional performance and an impeccable aesthetic finish. If you are looking for a Next Generation Sprayed Mortar for your next project, do not hesitate to choose Wulmek PROJECT B7. For more information, visit our website or contact us.

Frequent questions

Wulmek Fine Mortar offers several notable benefits that make it suitable for construction applications requiring high-quality, high-performance materials. These benefits include:

What types of surfaces are suitable for applying Wulmek Fine?

Wulmek Fine is ideal for final plastering on ceilings and internal walls, especially on surfaces previously treated with Wulmek Base to ensure an optimal finish.

How is Wulmek Fine prepared and applied?

To prepare Wulmek Fine, sprinkle the product over water maintaining a water/product ratio of approximately 0.42. Allow to moisten and then mix mechanically until complete homogenization. Apply the paste with a trowel or spatula on surfaces no lower than 3°C and no higher than 40°C.

Can Wulmek Fine be applied outdoors?

Wulmek Fine is designed primarily for interiors. Its use outdoors is not recommended because it is not specified to withstand variable weather conditions.

What safety measures should be taken when working with Wulmek Fine?

Use personal protective equipment such as gloves, safety glasses and a mask to avoid inhalation of dust and contact with skin and eyes.

How long does Wulmek Fine take to set?

Wulmek Fine has a working time of approximately 50-65 minutes after preparation, but complete setting time may vary depending on environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity.

What to do if the Wulmek Fine mixture begins to harden before application?

Once the mixture has begun to set, no more water should be added or kneaded. It is important to prepare only the amount of material that can be applied within its workability time to avoid waste and ensure the quality of the finish.

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